Who are Some Famous People Called "Rachel?"

The name Rachel has been quite popular for many years. It is of a Hebrew origin and has the simple meaning of "ewe". It may vary in spelling as either Rachel, Racheal, or Rachael. Perhaps the earliest record of a female having the name Rachel dates back to a woman named Rachel in the Holy Bible. She was the wife of a man named Jacob and was also the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Since then, there have been many well-known famous people called Rachel.

Some of the most famous people called Rachel have been female actresses. One of the first known actresses with this name dates back to 19th century France when Elizabeth Rachel Felix was a popular actress who was known by her fans as simply "Rachel." Many other famous actresses with this name have graced the stage over the years as well. Among these include, Rachel Bilson, Rachel G. Fox, Rachel-Hurd Wood, Rachel McAdams, Rachel Rath, Rachel Ryan, Rachel Reynolds, Rachel True, Rachel Weisz, and Rachel York. One of the most popular actresses that was linked to the name Rachel, was actually named Jennifer. This was Jennifer Aniston who played the character Rachel Green on the hit American TV show "Friends." This program was so loved and long lived that fans began to copy the hairstyle of that character on the show and the hairstyle was given the name "The Rachel" by hair salons worldwide.

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There have also been famous people called Rachel in other prominent areas. These include athletes Rachel Harris, Rachel Parish, Rachel Sutherland, and Rachel Walker, and musical talents Rachel Trachtenburg, Rachel Stevens, Rachel Portman, Rachel Kolly d'Alba, Rachel Fuller, and Rachel Bolan (who was once known as James Southworth.) The writing genre has also been complemented with the talents of American novelist Rachel Cosgrove Payes, famous Israeli poet Rachel Blustein (who was also commonly referred to as only "Rachel") and marine biologist and nature writer Rachel Carson. The media has benefited greatly with the presence of well known American journalist Rachel Ann Maddow.

In 2007, one Rachel was known for being crowned as Miss USA. This lady was Miss Rachel Smith and she hailed from Clarksville, Tennessee. In 2002, she had also won the title of Miss Tennessee Teen USA. Two other famous people called Rachel were the beautiful fashion models Rachel Hunter and Rachel Stuart.

Sadly, some famous people called Rachel gained more fame after their passing than when alive. Among them are political activist Rachel Corrie, who in 2003, was crushed to death by a bulldozer trying to prevent an Israeli Defense Force from demolishing a Palestinian home. Another young lady who became famous due to tragedy was Rachel Joy Scott who was the first victim in the shooting at the Columbine, Colorado massacre in 1999. Rachel Nickell was also a woman who became well-known at the victim of a stabbing manslaughter at Wimbledon, London in 1992.

There have been many famous people called Rachel over the years. This name dates back thousands of years and will most likely remain a very popular name for many years to come.

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